Jay M. Tyndall

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Pre-professional Experience

Brannon, Gianuglou, Dankof & Caras, Dayton, Ohio - Law Clerk; While in law school, prepared briefs, memoranda, motions, and other court papers for both state and federal trial and appellate cases. Plaintiff representation in tort and Section 1983 "excessive force" civil rights cases was principal focus at firm.   1990-91

Tokyo Center for Language and Culture, Kitakyushu, Japan - Instructor; Taught in subject areas of English as foreign language, TOEIC exam preparation, and cultural adaptation to United States. Provided instruction in variety of formats, including weekly classes and seminars of differing lengths, at following Japanese companies, among others: Nippon Steel, Mitsubishi Materials, Mazda Motor Company, Toto, Ltd., Taiyo Fisheries, Nichirou, Nikko Kinsoku, Shokubai Kasei, and Asahi Glass. Students typically were management personnel.   1993-94, 1989

Edward D. Jones & Company, Richmond, Indiana - Intern; At local office of national brokerage firm, prepared market reports, placed buy/sell orders for both publicly and privately traded securities, established and maintained customer accounts (via the company's proprietary computer network), and performed some pre-marketing activities.   1985-86

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